Red Maltese Cross

1840 2d Blue Plate 1 AF 4m Fine Used Red Maltese Cross Cat. £1000.00 1841 Penny Red (SE/SH) Plate 37 STRIP on Cover DUBLIN Maltese Cross Penny Red on Wrapper (HJ) with a Derby (Blue/Black) Maltese Cross & CDS 4m 1840 1d Black Pl 2 BE 4m Charing Cross and Red Maltese Cross Very Scarce SG2 1840 1d Back Plate 1b (OC) Four Margins Red Maltese Cross Greek Diamond Maltese Cross Ring GB QV PENNY BLACK 1840 Plate 8 AG Red Maltese Cross SG 2 (Specialised AS46) VFU 1840 1d Penny Black Plate 8. Black & Red maltese cross. Superb. 4 large mgns 1840 Sg 5 2d blue plate 1 (B C) margins tight to good & red Maltese cross Gb# 1 Vf-xf Used With Red Maltese Cross Cancel CV $350.00 Bn7720 GB #1 Vf+ With Red Maltese Cross Cancel Br5153 Vintage Florenza Blue & Red Rhinestone Maltese Cross Brooch / Pendant GB QV PENNY BLACK 1840 Plate 6 TH Red Maltese Cross SG 2 (Specialised AS41) VFU QV 2d BLUE 1840 Plate 1 RED MALTESE CROSS, RE-ENTRY, F, FU, CV£1,000 ($US1,240) SG 2 1840 1d black plate 1b lettered E. G. Very fine used red Maltese cross GREAT BRITAIN, VICTORIA, PENNY BLACK on COVER-OCT 5h 1840-RED MALTESE CROSS Red Fiddleback Roman Chasuble with stole Maltese Crosses R027-C14 Vestment SG5 1840 2d. Blue, plate 1, SB-SC. Fine used, red maltese cross's with margin SG2 1840 1d. Black plate 1b, RA-RB. Very fine pair, nice red maltese crosses 1841 Penny Red (NG) RED MALTESE CROSS (just touched top left) Cat 4800 Pounds Stunning Schreiner Of New York Red Glass Acrylic Maltese Cross Pin 1840 sg1 Penny black from plate 6 with good margins and red Maltese cross  Q H QV 1840 Sg 5 2d blue plate 1 (B D) Red Maltese cross (Has a Fold) 1841 1d Red Plate 35 PL Superb CHANNEL ISLANDS Maltese Cross Cat. £10,000.00 Cottage Garden June 9 2019 1841. BS12+za 1d red (Plate 23) with Tadcaster Maltese cross + RPS cert 2d Blue Plate 1 Pair SA-SB Lovely Red Maltese Cross, Margin close on right GB 1840 Penny black SG2 BK 4 margins red maltese cross cancel fine stamp 1841 1d Red-Brown Black Pl 2 PJ 4m Superb GREENOCK Maltese Cross Cat. £750.00 1840 GB Qv Sg02 One Penny Black Pair Complete & Bright Red Maltese Cross Cancels 1841 1d Red No in Maltese Cross Set of 12. A decent set many with 4 margin GB #u1 A147 Used With Red Maltese Cross Cancel July 3,1840 CV $525 Br5699 1840 1d Black Pl 2 GD SOLID CENTRE Red Maltese Cross Cat. £4,800.00 1840 1d Mulready wrapper Richmond to Bristol with red Maltese cross SG8 1841 1d. Red-brown (SC). Blue Maltese Cross Distinctive Maltese cross late use of a full whitehaven MX on penny star trimmed 1841 Sg8 One Penny Red On Clean Envelope With Clear Black 10 In Maltese Cross Great Britain 1840 1d Penny Black'IG' Plate 4 Margin Red Maltese Cross Cancel Maltese Cross Ostby Barton 10k Yg Tiffany Set Red Ruby Engagement Ring Ob Sz 7.5 1841 SG8m 1d Red-Brown 11 in Maltese Cross B1(1)uk BJ 4-Margins Cat £350 cfzo 1840 1d black lovely lot of 10 penny blacks, with red or black Maltese Cross 1841 Penny Red Set with Numbers in Maltese Crosses Cat 3045 Pounds RARE 1856 cover -1d red-brown Perf 16 cancelled late Maltese cross of Blackburn SG8 1841 1d. Red-brown, plate 29, RJ. Number 4 in maltese cross, a superb upr 2d Blue Plate 1 Strip (3) PH-PJ Red Maltese Crosses 4 margins L close RPS Cert SG8m 1841 1d. Red-brown (IC). London Number 6 in Maltese Cross Great Britain 1840 1d Penny Black'EF' Plate 2. 4 Margin. Red Maltese Cross QV 1840 Mulready with red Maltese Cross to Hackney, lot 10526 New Low Price SG7 1841 1d. Red-brown, plate 1b, OE. Superb used, neat black maltese cross Great Britain 1840 1d Intense Black. Red Maltese Cross cancel Great Britain 1840 1d Penny Black'IB' Plate 2, 4 Margin, Red Maltese Cross GB Qv 1840 Twopenny Blue Red Maltese Cross + Black 1844 Numeral Scotland Reused SG 2 1d black plate 2 lettered I. E. Very fine used with a red Maltese cross A Lovely 1840 Penny Black (ph) 4 Good Margins Cancelled By Red Maltese Cross