Red Maltese Cross

1841 1d Red Pl 27 QE 4m Superb MOATE Irish Maltese Cross in BLUE on dated piece QV sg2 1d penny black pair (HC-HD) plate 2- Fine Used Crisp Red Maltese Cross Professor Ann Gardulf On Red Cross Red Crescent S Nurses Worldwide 1841 1d Red Pl 42 MB 4m Fine Used London No 11 in Maltese Cross Cat. £350.00 Great Britain 1840 1d Penny Black'BH' Plate 6. 4 Margin. Red Maltese Cross SG2 1840 1d Back Plate 6 (HI) Four Margins Red Maltese Cross Great Britain 1840 1d Penny Black'QC' 4 Margins. Plate 1b. Red Maltese Cross SE 2 1840 Mulready 2d envelope a200 fine red Carlisle Maltese Cross to Lancaster SG2 1d Black Pl4 strip, lightest of Orange Red Maltese crosses 1841 Penny Red (PI) Plate 34 Four Margin ALDERNEY Maltese Cross RPS Cert Cat 10k 1840 1d Black Pl 4 OC 4m Fine Bright Red Maltese Cross Cat. £375.00 1840 SG2 1d Black Plate 2 AS15 PJ Red Maltese Cross Good Used Cat £375 bbnv Post World War I German Home Guards Einwohnerwehr Or Freikorps Training Hd Stock Footage 1841 1d Red Pl 42 OL 4m Very Fine LATE USE Maltese Cross Axminster Taunton GB 1841 Penny Black Fine 4 Margins with Red MALTESE CROSS NQ50 SG1 1840 1d Intense Black Plate 6 (RF) Red Maltese Cross (thin) Great Britain 1840 1d Penny Black'NI' 4 Margin Red Maltese Cross Cancel SG1 1840 1d Intense Black Plate 5 (BH) Double B  Red Maltese Cross GB Postal History QV 1d Penny Black GA (SG2) Red Maltese cross. Postmark 1841 1841 Penny Red (OI) with a Derby BLUE Maltese Cross Cat 1700 pounds QV 1840 Penny Black 4 Margins (SC) with Red Maltese Cross Plate 4 SG Spec AS23 1841 1d Red Me Four Margins Plate 12 Plymouth Maltese Cross 1841 Letterhead Regal Crest Heraldic red enamel Maltese cross pave vintage BROOCH PIN goldtone GB Cover SUPERB Edinburgh MX 1842 MALTESE CROSS Large Penny Red SOTN CX77 9kt 9ct yellow Gold Maltese Cross Solid Ring Red Enamel ALL SIZES 2d Blue Plate 1 Strip (3) PA-PC Red Maltese Crosses, Good 4 Marginns all round Vintage 900 Sterling Silver Filigree Red Stone Hinged Bracelet Maltese Cross 1841 SG8m 1d Red-Brown 1 in Maltese Cross B1(1)ua MH 4-Margins Cat £180 bblx SG8 1d Penny Red with RED maltese cross, Very fine condition ex Stanley Gibbons GB QUEEN VICTORIA 1d REDS AND NORWICH MALTESE CROSS 1840 1d Black Lettered Pa Plate 7 London Red Maltese Cross Strand B 1840 1840 Penny Black, on piece, 4 Margins red maltese cross with Dunfermline Strike GB QV Penny Red Imperf. NUMERAL 8 in MALTESE CROSS ON COVER SG 8uh VFU Cat. £450 1840 1d Black Pl 7 OF 4m Very Good Used Red Maltese Cross Cat. £400.00 1840 SG2 1d BLACK PLATE 4 RED MALTESE CROSS 6 MARGINS FINE USED (QH) Geneva With Torsion Spring Mechanism 3d Model V2 1d Mulready Envelope Rotherham Red Maltese Cross To London 1840 Great Britain 1840 1d Penny Black'SH' Plate 7. 4 Margins. Red Maltese Cross 1840 1d black (Plate 2). 4 margin with stunning deep red Maltese Cross SG2 1840 1d. Black, AI, on piece tied by a red maltese cross. E1307 SG7 (AS63) 1d Red brown plate 9 ED 4 good margins cracking black Maltese cross 1840 1d Black Plate 2 QA 4m Very Fine Used Red Maltese Cross Cat. £375.00 1841 1d reds x8 on covers. Cancelled with black Maltese crosses. 6 with full Maltese Cross Fire Dept Led Sign QV 1840 Sg 5 2d blue plate 1 (O B) with a fine red Maltese cross Cat £ 875 + 1840 penny black Sg 2 plate 1b (A H) 4 large margins & red Maltese cross GB QV PENNY BLACK 1840 Plate 3 MI Red Maltese Cross SG 2 (Specialised AS20) VFU Comtech Can Czech Red Cross Someone Else 1841 1d Red Plate 42 QB 4m Fine Used scarce DUMFRIES Maltese Cross 1840 2d Pale Blue Pl 1 AI 4m Red Maltese Cross Fine Used Cat. £900.00 1840 2d Blue Plate 1 LE 4m Fine Upright Red Maltese Cross Cat. £1,000.00 SG5 1840 2d. Blue, plate 1, BA, neat even margins and fine red maltese cross 1840 Penny Black (ph) Plate 7 A Lovely 4 Margin Example Canc. Red Maltese Cross Watermelon Rivoli Vitrail Crystal AB Maltese Cross Crucifix Pendant Necklace